Our Mission

Midiativa aims to promote Cultural and Educational Development of Children and Adolescents through Social Responsibility Actions, such as Media Literacy and Training and exhibitions.  This organization is committed to the discussion about Quality in Audiovisual and Interactive Content in our Region. Among other related actions, Midiativa develops Support and Training Activities for professionals in the industries of Entertainment, Culture and also in the Educational Areas, always focusing at the Children and Youth segments.


The organization Midiativa – Brazilian Center on Media for Children and Adolescents was founded in April 2002, based on a need that was present at the Brazilian Society. It was urgent to debate and think about alternative ways to deal with the massive consumption programs on commercial TV by children, including the ones that were not aimed for them . In our  country Media has established itself as one of the main forms of Communication. Midiativa recognized that a reduction in the number of hours children spent in front of the screens every day was important for Children’s Development. The  purpose of the organization, at that moment, was to establish parameters that would allow Parents and Professionals to identify Quality Programs for Children and Adolescents. The idea was to give visibility  for shows that could better represent the different childhoods on the screens. These programs should also stimulate children to be closer to curiosity,  knowledge and creativity. The Content that we value helps the young ones to follow their dreams in the pursuit of a better world and  also to have empathy with others. Besides that, it should offer them the elements needed to understand their realities, in a critical way, also helping Children to be prepared to build a better future. 


Since Midiativa’s foundation, a lot has changed. Now, the organization also works to promote the Audiovisual and Interactive Sectors in Brazil. It stimulates the Creative Economy, training producers and guiding the development of projects dedicated to children and youth, specially during comKids Festivals. Midiativa also gives support to teachers who see, in Media, an important tool for educational approaches or even to those who simply wish to introduce audiovisual language and media literacy in their classes. We have already worked with the Brazilian Government, in the formulation of Public Policies that address Childhood in its constituent differences. We maintain an active exchange network between producers, cultural managers, artists and professionals in the field of Children’s Media worldwide. We organize exhibitions, meetings and festivals with material and professionals from different parts of the world, disseminating quality works that are not easily accessible by ordinary spectators. Besides, we act in the Educational Sector, promoting audiovisual exhibitions and workshops. As can be seen, the actions carried out by Midiativa are diverse and continue to undergo reformulations, always adapting to the needs that are present in each time and context.


This organization was founded in April 24th of 2002, by the founding partners: – Beth Carmona (Elysabeth Carmona Leite) , Claudius Ceccon, Ambar de Oliveira Barros, Marcus Fuchs, Sirlene Maria dos Reis, Rosely Carmona, Maria Angela dos Santos, Bruno Assami, Rosa Crescente, Solange Jobim and Souza, Geraldo Vieira Filho and Jairo Jorge da Silva.

See here the Statute of Midiativa (in Portuguese).

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