comKids holds thematic events aimed at bringing together and training audiovisual and interactive content producers dedicated to the children’s segment.

In 2010, comKids Green debated themes related to the environment, which are of growing and urgent importance. From a contemporary view of childhood, comKids Innovation (2014) created a space for debate on innovation aimed at children in its most diverse concepts and on the most diverse platforms. Also in 2014, the idea of offering and thinking about culture and art for children led to the comKids Early Childhood event, with the objective of stimulating and enhancing the integral development of children, considering their cognitive, sensorial and emotional aspects, while also going through the poetic and sensitive aspects.

In 2016, the comKids non-fiction event discussed documentary and other genres within audiovisual production dedicated to the children and youth audience: the diversity of children’s stories and realities and the challenge of creating audiovisual productions for children and youth that deal with these realities, the facts of life and the world, based on children’s perspectives.

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