In 2010, a network of Latin American channels and producers came together to make the first Latin American co-production about the World Cup and children for television, “The World Cup and Me” is a series of microprograms designed for boys and girls between 5 and 11 years old, with a unique narrative style and language, but with the flavor, color, richness and diversity that is achieved when several countries work together in a common project.

Each episode is up to five minutes long, and shows the passion of Latin American children for soccer, whether it is played on the street, in the foosball table, in the stadium, or even in button soccer. The idea for the series came from the Argentinean Pakapaka and soon the project, called “El Mundial y Yo” (“The World Cup and Me”, in Portuguese), spread to other countries. The TV Cultura team was assembled in Brazil and was coordinated by Singular, Arquitetura de Mídia.

Each country aired the episodes produced by its “neighbors” on the continent, so that viewers could get to know how the fans are from other places.

Check out all the Brazilian episodes on youtube:

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