Midiativa and comKids Screenings

The Midiativa and comKids Screenings focus on different audiences, media and communication professionals, educators and educational and cultural agents, parents and children and adolescents. To [...]

O mundial e eu (2010)

In 2010, a network of Latin American channels and producers came together to make the first Latin American co-production about the World Cup and children for television, “The World Cup and [...]

Professional Actualization

Midiativa and comKids have already carried out several training activities for audiovisual producers, such as the two editions of the online course “Quality Children’s TV: from [...]

comKids Interactive Festival

The comKids Interactive Festival is a space for promotion, awarding and training that has, in its conceptual root, looks and positions that value the expression of diversity in all its [...]

Workshops for children

Educational and Cultural Activities aimed at Children and Teenagers, with a playful and dynamic format. The focus is on media literacy through the experimentation of audiovisual language, the [...]

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